Oscars Awards 2019 Nominations is Announced

Oscars Awards 2019 Nominations



February is the Oscars season. And saying that would not be wrong that “Oscars is the one and only biggest event in Hollywood”. No one can deny the value of Oscars for fans and celebrities. Nowadays, there is a full hype of this event in the USA. Oscars awards 2019 nominations are already announced and we can now predict who is going to win, now the prediction is easier as only nominees are left and all other snubbed already.

So, let’s talk about some interesting facts and predict about Oscars 2019.

Which film has the most nominations for the 91st annual Academy Awards?

Which film has the most nominations for the 91st annual Academy Awards
Which film has the most nominations for the 91st annual Academy Awards

Roma and Favourite is the top on the list with maximum points in 2019 Oscars. And A Star is Born is nominated. Black Panther will be the first superhero movie that may win the Oscars 2019.

Lady GaGa has done something really appreciable and along with Bradly Cooper but Cooper is not nominated for best director. I think he should be nominated for Best Director. Marry Queen of Scotts also should be included in nominations.


Who is presenting Oscars 2019?

For now, no one is selected for presenting for the Oscars 2019 and I hope we will be aware of the Kevin Hart’s clash tweets and this is the reason that he resigned from Oscars 2019 hosting.


Oscar Predictions 2019 Best Actor

Best Actor 2019 Nominations

Bradley Cooper for | A Star is Born |

Christian Bale for  | Vice |

Willem Dafoe for | At Eternity’s Gate |

Viggo Mortensen for | Green Book |

Rami Malek for | Bohemian Rhapsody |


Oscar Predictions 2019 Best Supporting Actress

And the nominees are…

Marina De Tavira for | Roma |

Rachel Weisz for | The Favourite |

Emma Stone for | The Favourite |

Regina King for | If Beale Street Could Talk |

Amy Adams for | Vice |



So these are the Oscars awards 2019 nominations and I hope you have enjoyed while reading the post. If you have any question, want to where to watch Oscars then feel free to contact us.



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