Oscar Nomination 2019

List of Oscar Nominated Movies for 2019


Wondering for who is going to win Oscar 2019? Want to know the complete list of Oscar nominated movies? Want to know who is on the front line in the competition of Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Animated feature film, best drama, best romance and anything relevance to it? Congratulations! Then you are at absolutely right place. Watch Oscars Live is delivering Oscar Award updates and news for a long time. We have updates for Oscars, Latest News, and answers of your hundreds of questions, like, who is hosting Oscars this year? – What are the Oscar nominated movies for 2019? – When are Oscars? – Where are the Oscars? And anything that comes in your mind when you are waiting for Oscars.


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List of Oscar Nominated Movies

List of Oscar Nominated Movies
List of Oscar Nominated Movies

Before we start, we would like to mention some interesting facts about the list of Oscar nominated movies. Actually, Nomination for Oscar itself is very honor, a candidate whether wins or not, but just to get the nomination for Oscars is never less than from a big achievement. So, all these list of Oscar nominated movies have earned an honor, that’s the different matter that who is won and who is not. Just to be Oscar listed is something that really big thing.

I am not only talking about list of Oscar nominated movies, but Oscar nominated actors, actresses, Oscar nominated Directors, Supporting actors, actresses, and all other categories that are considered to give Oscar Awards. This year Oscar has announced nominations for all categories, let’s have a look on Best Oscar Nominated Movies.


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Oscar Winning Movies List by Year

Oscar Winning Movies List by Year
Oscar Winning Movies List by Year

We have collected a list of Oscar nominated movies from different years, we will start from 2019 and then go back to previous years. Every Oscar Nominated movie will be discussed and we will have also included some interesting facts about these nominated movies, so let’s get into it.


What are the Oscar Nominated Movies for 2019?

What are the Oscar Nominated Movies for 2019
What are the Oscar Nominated Movies for 2019

Here is a list of complete Oscar nominated movies for 2019. Have a look!

List of Oscar Nominations 2019


A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place

Director: John Krasinski

What it’s about: Shhhhhh! Or the critters will get you!

What is the buzz? Jim in The Office’s turn as terror director was a surprise hit.

What’s the backlash? Some, like the New Yorker’s Richard Brody and the New York Times’ Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris, have read some unsettling metaphors into the plot.

What’s it won so far? It is on the record of AFI films of the year. It was mostly shut from the Golden Globes, except for its score. The first major accolade came in the form of a supporting actress SAG nomination for Blunt, who was also nominated for Mary Poppins Returns.

Does it really have an opportunity? Even though it’s a significant long shot to Academy Award Nominations, the celebrity power of Krasinski and Blunt — who are vying for a nomination for Mary Poppins Returns — is making this a viable choice to get a nod in the category. It’ll certainly crop up at the confusing sound categories.


A Star Is Born – Academy Award Nominations

A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born

Director: Bradley Cooper

What it’s about: The tragic love story of songwriters Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga). The prior is a weathered hat of a guy attached to his old ways; the latter is brilliant talents who can make a song about buttocks sound great. One of the Movies that we can say this is really one of award winning movies.

What’s the buzz? Critics (and meme-makers) largely love A Star Is Born, and audiences seem to as well, as it has been amassing money.

What’s the backlash? The loudest complaints are around, fittingly, the film’s view on audio and at which A Star Is Born’s sympathies may lie accordingly. Some have contended that the movie condones Jackson Maine’s contentious belief that rock music is far much more authentic than pop songs and much nobler and artistically legitimate. That’s defeated so-called”poptimists” and a few critics who believe that Ally loses agency within the course of this narrative.

What has it won so far? My heart? Just kidding. It was nominated for just about everything it may be — except for screenplay and supporting actor — in the Globes and washed up in the SAG Award nominations too. Cooper was named Best Director by the National Board of Review, while Gaga and Elliott amassed acting trophies from that body. Like, A Quiet Place, it is an AFI movie of the year.

Does it really have an opportunity?  For Academy Award nominations, Yes, and not just for Best Picture. It’s in the running for nominations in the top five groups: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Adapted Screenplay. Additionally, it looks like a shoo-in for Best Original Song, thanks to its catchy “Shallow,” and Sam Elliott is fearsome competition for Supporting Actor.


Black Panther – Best Oscar Nominated Movies

Black Panther
Black Panther

Director: Ryan Coogler

What it is about: now in our list of Oscar nominated movies, you likely know what Black Panther is about. After T’Challa (Boseman) assumes the throne of Wakanda — along with the mantle of Dark Panther — a challenger arrives in the kind of Erik Killmonger (Jordan), who desires both the crown and to finish Wakanda’s isolationism.

What’s the buzz? Not only is Black Panther one of the most raved about films of the year, but it’s flat out the most successful movie of the year domestically.

What is the backlash? For a movie as popular as Black Panther, there’s been surprisingly small. Oscar voters, however, tend to be averse to rewarding enormous box-office successes together with the night’s biggest prize, and a blockbuster about a superhero would have an even harder time. Its mere existence may have sparked the Academy’s statement about — and backtrack on — a”popular film” award.

What’s it won so much? It is up for 2019 Academy Award nominees, Drama at the Golden Globes, and has been named among AFI’s films of this year. It also scored the second most nominations of any movie at the Critics’ Choice Awards with 12, also gathered a cast nod from SAG.

Does it really have an opportunity? If Oscar history is any indication, its chances to win Academy Award for best picture, but hugely successful celebrity movies have won in the past… after (2003’s Return of the King). But a nomination Looks like a lock and watch out for Michael B. Jordan in Best Supporting Actor. Upcoming in Oscar winning movies list is very interesting.. keep reading…




Director: Spike Lee

What it is about: The real story of Ron Stallworth (Washington), a black soldier who became chummy with David Duke (Grace) and infiltrated the KKK, in our list of Oscar nominated movies it is the finest movie ever — through a Spike Lee filter.

What is the buzz? BlacKkKlansman created a dash at Cannes and won over viewers as it came out on the summer.

What is the backlash? The most outspoken argument from the movie came from Sorry to Bother You manager Boots Riley, who composed an essay submitted to Twitter calling it an”advertisement campaign” to get cops.

What’s it won so much? One of the best Oscar nominated movies.  It is in the running to get a Lot of Globes, including Picture, Director, Actor for Washington, and Supporting Actor for Notebook. Lee took the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes, whilst Driver was nominated for a Gotham Award and an Independent Spirit Award for his role as the white Jewish guy who functions as the physical face of this investigation. Additionally, it is an AFI picture of this year.

Does it really have a opportunity? It is a longshot to win Academy Award for best picture, but it may fare better in different classes. Strange but true: Spike Lee hasn’t been nominated for Best Director. This might be the year that eventually occurs.


First Man – Oscar Winners Best Picture

First Man
First Man

Directed by: Damien Chazelle

What it is about: Next on our list of Oscar nominated movies is Neil Armstrong’s excursion to the Moon along with his psychological repression.

What is the backlash? There were several uninformed first complaints from right-wingers following a report went across the film didn’t portray Armstrong (Gosling) and Buzz Aldrin (Corey Stoll) placing the flag on the Moon. As you do not really observe that instant occur, you do notice a flag on the Moon’s surface.

What’s it won so much? First Man is having a tough go of it so much better. It had been largely ignored by the Golden Globes rescue for nods for Claire Foy and composer Justin Hurwitz, but it eventually got some substantial love in the Critics’ Choice Awards, which lent it eight nominations including one for best film.

Does it really have a opportunity? Regardless of the mild excitement surrounding it, First Man, with its original theme of American heroism told in an untraditional fashion, is tailor-made for the finest Picture race. Gosling and Foy will soon be in the running for the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress. Damien Chazelle has been the youngest Best Director winner for La La Land, and ought to score his next nomination in the group. Hurwitz could also seem to replicate in academy award for best picture.


If Beale Street Could Talk – Award Winning Movies

If Beale Street Could Talk
If Beale Street Could Talk

Director: Barry Jenkins

Stars: Stephan James, KiKi Layne, Regina King

What it’s about: Also is in the list of 2019 academy award nominees.A sumptuous and tragic adaptation of James Baldwin’s book about a young black couple separated while the man, Fonny (James), is falsely accused of rape.

What is the buzz? Maybe the film does not reach the extreme heights of Jenkins’ stunning Oscar-winner Moonlight, but the lyrical, tragic film is still a substantial achievement.

What is the backlash? Zero.

What’s it won so much? It was up for Best Feature at the Gotham Awards, and Layne was competing at the breakthrough class, ultimately losing to Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher. Meanwhile, Beale Street received multiple nominations for Independent Spirit Awards and will compete in the Feature, Director, and Supporting Female classes. Jenkins has won adapted screenplay from the National Board of Review, while Regina King won Supporting Actress from New York Film Critics Circle, and the film was an AFI movie of the year. It had been closed from the SAGs, a small road bump in King’s road to Oscar.

Does it actually have an opportunity? Well for Oscar winner’s best picture, Beale Street’s best shot at victory is located in the Best Supporting Actress category, as Regina King is notable as Fonny’s mother. I am especially stumping for Nicholas Britell’s score.



Oscar Winning Movies 2018

Oscar Winning Movies 2018
Oscar Winning Movies 2018

“The Shape of Water” (WINNER)
“Call Me by Your Name”
“Darkest Hour”
“Get Out”
“Lady Bird”
“Phantom Thread”
“The Post”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”



List of Oscar Nominations 2018

List of Oscar Nominations 2018
List of Oscar Nominations 2018
  1. “Call Me by Your Name”
  2. “Get Out”
  3. “Lady Bird”
  4. “The Post”
  5. “Phantom Thread”
  6. “Dunkirk”
  7. “The Shape of Water”
  8. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
  9. “Darkest Hour



List of Oscar Nominations 2017

List of Oscar Nominations 2017
List of Oscar Nominations 2017

Best Picture:

“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”
“Hidden Figures”
“La La Land”
“Manchester by the Sea”



List of Oscar Nominations 2016

List of Oscar Nominations 2016
List of Oscar Nominations 2016

 The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant




Academy Award for Best Animated Feature

Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
Academy Award for Best Animated Feature

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has formally declared the 25 Academy award for best animated feature movies qualified to compete in this season’s Oscar race. However, there are a small number of anime movies jostling to get a slot which may simply earn the uncommon non-U.S. studio nomination.

Hollywood loves to benefit its own, but this season may be the year that an anime movie not from Studio Ghibli brings fame. No anime movie has made an Oscar nomination because 2014’s When Marnie Was There in the list of Oscar nominated movies that incidentally were one of Studio Ghibli’s final movies. Together with Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki from this film (though both shortly to go back), no prominent arcade studio or filmmaker has to take their position, but the growth of U.S. distributor GKIDS could soon change this.

Oh, also we know that everybody enjoys a superhero. All of 25 films will be competing for only five slots at the Academy award for best animated feature class, together with Incredibles 2 and Isle of Dogs probably pushed as front-runners. As far as we could tell, it is Incredibles 2’s award to shed, since the critically acclaimed movie also scored greater than $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

The contest has hardly started though, as Variety reports that many of those movies haven’t had their Los Angeles qualifying run. Each of the submitted pictures in the list of Oscar nominated movies has to comply with all the qualifying theatrical run before they could even progress to get voted on. Sixteen or more movies have to be eligible for the five slots to be voted.


List of Oscar Nominations for Oscars 2019 Animated Feature

List of Oscar Nominations for Oscars 2019 Animated Feature
List of Oscar Nominations for Oscars 2019 Animated Feature
  • Ana y Bruno
  • Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
  • Early Man
  • Fireworks
  • Have a Nice Day
  • Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
  • Incredibles 2
  • Isle of Dogs
  • The Laws of the Universe – Part I
  • Liz and the Blue Bird
  • Lu Over the Wall
  • MFKZ
  • Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms
  • Mirai
  • The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl
  • On Happiness Road
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Ruben Brandt, Collector
  • Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • Smallfoot
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Tall Tales
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
  • Tito and the Birds


What Films are Nominated for Oscars 2017?

What Films are Nominated for Oscars 2017?
What Films are Nominated for Oscars 2017?

List of Oscar nominated movies are



Hacksaw Ridge

Hell or High Water

Hidden Figures

La La Land


Manchester by the Sea



What films have won 11 Oscars?

Over the years, there was the countless list of Oscar nominated movies. Many films win one or two — some collect a few. But so far, only 32 films have won 5 or more Oscars. Many of these — such as Schindler’s List, Star Wars, and The Godfather Part II — are considered one of the best films of all time. Some are new classics others are films that a lot of people have forgotten. Listed below are the films that have won the most Academy Awards so far.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

The final installment of this epic big-screen version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical The Lord of the Rings made all types of background on Oscar night in 2004. It became the first –and to date only — fantasy film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.


Titanic (1997)


James Cameron’s romantic exploration of these last days aboard the unlucky Titanic was a monster hit with audiences around the world. And it made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet — that are both up for Oscars this year — into megastars. However, Titanic’s biggest achievement might be the sheer number of decorations it won at the 70th Academy Awards for best picture.


Ben-Hur (1959)

Ben-Hur (1959)
Ben-Hur (1959)

So far as big-budget flicks made in the mid-20th century proceed, Ben-Hur holds up against decades of improved technology and unique effects. So it appears fitting that the first film to win 11 Oscars — the maximum amount given to some film thus far — could be William Wyler’s historical epic. In addition to Best Picture, Ben-Hur won Academy Awards for Best Director.


Which is the highest Oscar award winning movie?

In our list of Oscar nominated movies, we have included some movies that have highest awards from Oscars.


West Side Story (1961) – Oscar Winning Movies

West Side Story (1961)
West Side Story (1961)

Stephen Sondheim’s contemporary musical retelling of Romeo and Juliet was magnificent as it hit Broadway in 1957. Along with the movie adaptation was a bonfire hit — especially with Oscar voters. West Side Story won 10 Oscars in the 34th Academy Awards, including nods for Audio, Music, Film Editing, Costume Design, Cinematography and Art Direction. In Addition, it took home four of their most coveted awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for George Chakiris, Best Supporting Actress for Rita Moreno, and Best Director for Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins.


Oscar Winning Movies – The English Patient (1996)

The English Patient (1996)
The English Patient (1996)

This spell-binding World War II love — roughly a cartographer and his illegal affair –was treasured by critics, audiences and Oscar voters. The English Patient won nine of those 12 Academy Awards it was nominated for including Best Picture, Best Director for Anthony Minghella and Best Supporting Actress for Juliette Binoche. Additionally, it won Oscars for Art Direction, Costume Design, Cinematography, Film Editing, and Original Score.


Has Tom Hanks won an Oscar?

Tom Hanks does not have a lot to complain about nowadays. He is among the most recognizable film stars on earth and contains two Oscars on his mantel because of his very best Jazz performances in”Philadelphia” (1993) and”Forrest Gump” (1994). But, despite that, Hanks has been treated fairly poorly by the movie academy. Actually, his final Oscar nomination was a whopping 17 years back for”Cast Away” (2000). Because Hanks won’t whine, we will whine on his or her behalf. Tom, you have been unforgivably robbed!


What Songs are Nominated for the Oscars?

“Mighty River” is done by Mary J. Blige, who’s also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film. “Mystery of Love,” Call Me by Your Name

“Mystery of Love,” Call Me from Your Name

If Phone Me by Your Title captured you teary-eyed, so will Sufjan Stevens’ lovely tune written for the film. Stevens contributed three songs to the movie’s soundtrack, although”Mystery of Love” is, of course, the only one nominated for an award tonight.

“This Is Me” is an anthem which you absolutely have to obey, even if you have not seen The best Showman. The song is done by the movie’s cast, and it’s epic enough to make you want to dance to it for long periods of time.



We are pretty excited for Oscar 2019, and the list of Oscar nominated movies is now revealed for you. Now judging by your own that who is going to take Oscar Award 2019. Academy Award Nominations is now officially available. Please let us know if you have any question for Oscar Nomination 2019.


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